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What is this?

The Rust community has a number of websites dedicated to keeping track of the state of the ecosystem for specific purposes. (e.g. arewewebyet and arewelearningyet)

This one tracks the state of the ecosystem for Game Development in Rust.


Arewegameyet? uses semantic-ui, and zola the Rust static site generator.

Note: All entries should be sorted alphabetically (by the name field, ignoring case). It's checked by CI.

Add to the Ecosystem listing

  1. Navigate to whichever folder in /content/categories/ best fits your project.

  2. Edit that folder's data.toml file in any plain text editor or straight through GitHub's editor.

  3. (a) If your library has been published to then all you need to do is enter the exact name of your crate and set the source to crates, like this:

name = "lewton"
source = "crates"
  1. (b) If you haven't published to crates you can link directly to your GitHub code repository instead by setting the name to the user/project and setting the source to github:
name = "Gigoteur/UnicornConsole"
source = "github"
  1. At this point your PR is ready to be sent. However there's some optional data fields that could be added if applicable.

    gitter_url = "" takes a full URL. While it's called gitter_url feel free to link whichever is the default discussion platform for your project.

    homepage = ""takes a full URL. Can be used to link to your homepage or a custom URL not yet supported in our default data entries, e.g. like the GitLab link above.

All done! We do greatly appreciate PRs, but if you're not comfortable with this process you're welcome to open an issue requesting the addition of your project instead.

Add a Game

Edit the content/games/data.toml file. A name, link, image, and description are required:

name = "Llamassacre"
link = "//"
image = "assets/img/llamassacre.png"
description = "A jump and bump game for two players made with ggez"

Images must be added to the /static/assets/img/ directory. Please, don't use heavy images.

Add a Resource

Edit the content/resources/data.toml file. A name, link, description, and type are required:

name = "The Rust Book"
link = "//"
description = "The Rust language official book"
type = "book"

Enhance this website

If you're comfortable with semantic-ui and Zola please reach out to us in the Issues with your enhancement ideas or just to state your willingness to contribute.


It's very likely there are mistakes around, if you find one please file an issue.

Thanks for helping us map the Rust game development ecosystem!

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