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What is this?

The Rust community has a number of websites dedicated to keeping track of the state of the ecosystem for specific purposes. (e.g. arewewebyet and arewelearningyet)

This one tracks the state of the ecosystem for Game Development in Rust.

You can find the site at


Arewegameyet? uses semantic-ui, and zola the Rust static site generator.

  1. Navigate to whichever folder in /content best fits your project.

  2. Edit that folder's data.toml file in any plain text editor or straight through GitHub's editor.

  3. Create a new entry, following the schema described below. Note that all entries should be sorted alphabetically by the name field, ignoring case. There is a CI check to ensure this is done correctly - you can use the script to automatically fix a file.

All done! We do greatly appreciate PRs, but if you're not comfortable with this process, you're welcome to open an issue requesting the addition of your project instead.


# The name of the item. Mandatory.
name = "My crate" 

# A short description of the item. Optional, but recommended.
description = "My extremely cool Rust crate" 

# The categories that your item should be assigned to. Mandatory.
categories = ["2drendering", "engines"]

# An image representing the item. Files should be checked in to
# /static/assets/img/, and the path should be absolute.
# Optional, but highly recommended for games!.
image = "/assets/img/logo.png"

# A link to the item's page on Optional.
crate_url = ""

# A link to the item's VCS repository. Optional.
repository_url = ""

# A link to the item's homepage. Optional.
homepage_url = ""

# A link to the item's Gitter chat. Optional.
gitter_url = ""

You can also tell the site to pull data directly from an external source:

# Pull data from
name = "mycratename"
source = "crates"
categories = ["mycategory"]

# Pull data from GitHub:
name = "username/repo"
source = "github"
categories = ["mycategory"]

Extra keys can be added to items that are pulled from external data (e.g. to add a homepage URL, or override some of the fetched data).

Enhance this website

If you're comfortable with semantic-ui and Zola please reach out to us in the Issues with your enhancement ideas or just to state your willingness to contribute.


It's very likely there are mistakes around, if you find one please file an issue.

Thanks for helping us map the Rust game development ecosystem!