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CLI working group

This repo is for coordinating the work of the Rust CLI Working Group, also known as "Rust CLIQuE" (Rust CLI Quality Enhancement).

Our goal

Let's make this a true statement:

Rust makes writing crossplatform, tested, modern command line applications frictionless while incorporating industry best practices and providing great documentation.

What's a CLI?

For our intents and purposes, a CLI is any program that

  • Launches in a terminal
  • Accepts configuration from various sources, such as command line arguments, environment variables, or configuration files
  • Runs to completion with minimal/no user interaction
  • Accepts input from stdin, files, or network
  • Performs processing on some input (files, network, stdin) based on the configuration specified
  • Communicates via standard outputs (files, network, std{out,err})

(We specifically don't want to focus on "TUI" apps right now.)