A guide to changes between various editions of Rust
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The Rust Edition Guide

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This book explains the concept of "editions", major new eras in Rust's development. You can read the book online.


The Edition Guide is dual licensed under MIT/Apache2, just like Rust itself. See the LICENSE-* files in this repository for more details.

Building locally

You can also build the book and read it locally if you'd like.


Building the book requires mdBook. To get it:

$ cargo install mdbook


To build the book, do this:

$ mdbook build

The output will be in the book subdirectory. To check it out, open it in your web browser.


$ firefox book/index.html                       # Linux
$ open -a "Firefox" book/index.html             # OS X
$ Start-Process "firefox.exe" .\book\index.html # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start firefox.exe .\book\index.html           # Windows (Cmd)


$ google-chrome book/index.html                 # Linux
$ open -a "Google Chrome" book/index.html       # OS X
$ Start-Process "chrome.exe" .\book\index.html  # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start chrome.exe .\book\index.html            # Windows (Cmd)

To run the tests:

$ mdbook test