Clippy doesn't work with rustup 1.0 on Windows #876

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CryZe commented Dec 21, 2016

Looks like the PATH / LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue is back, that used to happen here: #402

If you run clippy with the latest rustup, you get this:

C:/Users/Christopher/.cargo/bin/cargo-clippy.exe: error while loading shared libraries: rustc_driver-36e125fb8252217f.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

rustc 1.15.0-nightly (8f02c429a 2016-12-15)
rustup 1.0.0 (17b6d21 2016-12-15)
clippy 0.0.104

Could be caused by the .multirust -> .rustup change. If you put the full sysroot/bin path into your PATH, everything seems to work.

Clippy issue is over here: Manishearth/rust-clippy#1395

epage commented Feb 2, 2017

For anyone like me who is wondering which path is missing from PATH:

Thats for my windows toolchain but the idea should be similar for any other windows toolchains or affected platforms.

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