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Are we async yet

Build Status is a website for tracking development progress of async/await syntax of Rust programming language in the language itself as well as its ecosystem.

It's implemented as a static page generator, and deployed to GitHub Pages via Travis.


To build the site locally, you would need a GitHub personal access token for fetching data from GitHub. You can refer to this article for how to create such token.

Once you get the token, put it into .env file like this:

GITHUB_TOKEN={your token}

and then execute cargo run.

You may also want to enable logs by adding


to the .env file.

From there, the generated HTML will be in the out directory. You can use any web server to check it out in your browser:

cd out
python3 -m http.server


The Rust code handles issue data from GitHub. Content mainly resides in data.yml and templates directory.

After the first execution, fetched data will be stored in cache.json file in the current directory to avoid repeatedly fetching data when updating data.yml and templates. If the latest data from GitHub is needed, simply remove the cache.json file.