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We'd love your help! Thanks for caring about the book.


This repository is under the same license as Rust itself, MIT/Apache2. You can find the full text of each license in the LICENSE-* files in this repository.

Code of Conduct

The Rust project has a code of conduct that governs all sub-projects, including this one. Please respect it!


Our open pull requests are new chapters or edits that we're currently working on. We would love if you would read through those and make comments for any suggestions or corrections!

Help wanted

If you're looking for ways to help that don't involve large amounts of reading or writing, check out the open issues with the E-help-wanted label. These might be small fixes to the text Rust code, frontend code, or shell scripts that would help us be more efficient or enhance the book in some way!


We'd love help translating the book! See the Translations label to join in efforts that are currently in progress. Open a new issue to start working on a new language! We're waiting on mdbook support for multiple languages before we merge any in, but feel free to start!

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