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Rename `overrides` to `package` in profiles.

Renaming per the discussion at rust-lang/rust#48683 (comment).

I left backwards-compatibility in case anyone is using it, since it required very little effort.

cc @da-x, FYI.
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The Cargo Book


Building the book requires mdBook. To get it:

$ cargo install mdbook


To build the book:

$ mdbook build

The output will be in the book subdirectory. To check it out, open it in your web browser.


$ firefox book/index.html                       # Linux
$ open -a "Firefox" book/index.html             # OS X
$ Start-Process "firefox.exe" .\book\index.html # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start firefox.exe .\book\index.html           # Windows (Cmd)


$ google-chrome book/index.html                 # Linux
$ open -a "Google Chrome" book/index.html       # OS X
$ Start-Process "chrome.exe" .\book\index.html  # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start chrome.exe .\book\index.html            # Windows (Cmd)


Given that the book is still in a draft state, we'd love your help! Please feel free to open issues about anything, and send in PRs for things you'd like to fix or change. If your change is large, please open an issue first, so we can make sure that it's something we'd accept before you go through the work of getting a PR together.

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