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Remove stale recommendation about Defender

We fixed the performance problem installing docs last year when we overhauled rustup's performance and got Microsoft's Defender team to look into the Defender behaviour vis-a-vis Rustup. It shouldn't be a problem now, and the bug is closed.

Also we now support a minimal profile for automated intallations where no human is present, so adding that seems useful to further speed things up.
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bors committed Jan 13, 2020
2 parents d7fdb10 + b080720 commit d86bb2eca7c7b5a07b6b058b16d5febf1373b395
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@@ -105,17 +105,12 @@ which is installed by default on newer versions of Windows or available via

curl.exe -o rustup-init.exe
.\rustup-init.exe --profile=minimal

["Trusted Sites"]:

Disabling "Real-time Protection" in "Settings > Update & Security > Windows
Defender" may speed up [the installation of `rust-docs`][rust-docs].


## Build crater

The next step is to download and build `crater` just like on a [Linux

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