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tests Add id, as a string, to the fake currentUser Oct 10, 2018
vendor Update ember-cli to v1.13.8 Nov 3, 2015
.buildpacks Update the cmake buildpack to prevent keyserver timeouts Jun 20, 2018
.diesel_version Update Diesel to 1.3 May 23, 2018
.dockerignore Add Dockerfile for backend Oct 4, 2017
.editorconfig update editorconfig May 7, 2015
.ember-cli npm: Add start:local, start:staging and start:live scripts Nov 22, 2015
.env.sample Add Mailgun configuration variables to .env + explaination Sep 14, 2017
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.gitignore Ignore the orig schema backup file Nov 10, 2018
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.rustfmt.toml Remove unstable rustfmt options Mar 28, 2018
.template-lintrc.js TemplateLint: Disable some rules for now Apr 3, 2018
.travis.yml Increase the cache timeout on CI Dec 7, 2018
.watchmanconfig Update ember-cli to v1.13.12 Nov 13, 2015
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Cargo.toml Merge #1537 Oct 24, 2018
LICENSE-APACHE Add Apache/MIT license Oct 21, 2014
LICENSE-MIT Add Apache/MIT license Oct 21, 2014
Procfile Remove migration crate that has been replaced with diesel May 2, 2017 Update twitter status link Oct 25, 2018
app.json Trailing commas not being allowed in JSON is the bane of my existence Aug 16, 2017
backend.Dockerfile Use latest Rust in backend Docker image. Apr 7, 2018
bors.toml Add bors-ng configuration file Jul 28, 2017
browserstack-logo.png Add browserstack logo to get access to their open source plan Aug 23, 2017 `cargo +beta fmt` May 9, 2018
diesel.toml Add path column to categories table Jun 21, 2018
docker-compose.yml Remove some vestigial yarn mentions Oct 16, 2017 Add docker-compose file to start backend/frontend Oct 4, 2017
ember-cli-build.js Remove extraneous eslint-env comments. Apr 4, 2018
frontend.Dockerfile Remove some vestigial yarn mentions Oct 16, 2017
package-lock.json npm 6.4.1 makes these changes to the lockfile Nov 10, 2018
package.json Update version of ember-keyboard Sep 15, 2018
testem.js Remove extraneous eslint-env comments. Apr 4, 2018

Build Status

Source code for the default Cargo registry. Viewable online at

Status of

Any known issues currently affecting the registry running at will be posted to @CratesIoStatus.

If you are experiencing an issue not addressed there, please contact us in one of the following ways:

A volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.


Welcome! We love contributions! is an Ember frontend with a Rust backend, and there are many tasks appropriate for a variety of skill levels.

Please see docs/ for ideas about what to work on and how to set up a development environment.


We also use BrowserStack to help us verify that the frontend works in all of our supported browsers. Thanks, BrowserStack!


Adding or editing the categories and corresponding descriptions displayed on does not require a full development environment set up.

The list of categories available on is stored in src/boot/categories.toml. To propose adding, removing, or changing a category, send a pull request making the appropriate change to that file as noted in the comment at the top of the file. Please add a description that will help others to know what crates are in that category.

For new categories, it's helpful to note in your PR description examples of crates that would fit in that category, and describe what distinguishes the new category from existing categories.

After your PR is accepted, the next time that is deployed the categories will be synced from this file.

Running a mirror

Please see docs/ for instructions on setting up a mirror of


Licensed under either of these: