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measureme Rust

Support crate for rustc's self-profiling feature

This crate is maintained by the Rust compiler team and in particular by the self-profile working group. It is currently only meant to be used within rustc itself, so APIs may change at any moment.



measureme is the core library which contains a fast, efficient framework for recording events and serializing them to a compact binary format. It is integrated into rustc via the unstable -Z self-profile flag.



summarize produces a human readable summary of measureme profiling data. It contains two main modes:

  • summarize which groups the profiling events and orders the results by time taken.
  • diff which compares two profiles and outputs a summary of the differences.

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stack_collapse reads measureme profiling data and outputs folded stack traces compatible with the Flame Graph tools.

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flamegraph reads measureme profiling data and outputs Flame Graph.

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crox turns measureme profiling data into files that can be visualized by the Chromium performance tools.

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