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  • DST will change many of the signatures, but in slight ways. Probably not a lot of 'stable' here.
  • All traits are named incorrectly ('Vector')
  • General naming pattern of 'Immutable[something]Vector' and 'Mutable[something]Vector'
  • All traits in the prelude
  • 2 free functions and 2 tiny submodules
  • Iterators have names, which we may not want, but may have to live with
  • The way methods take self may change, but it shouldn't affect callers
  • Indexes could change types if we switch the default integer types
    • but that's a 'boiling-the-oceans' change anyway
  • Ok to mix unsafe methods and safe methods in same traits?
  • ImmutableVector and MutableVector will end up combined


  • module name stable
  • Rename all traits to Slice.

Resolutions: do above


  • split functions exclude the pivot element. Is that normal?
  • Are splitn, rsplitn useful?
  • Why do iterator methods take by-val self? Post-DST should be &self?
    • Can we change these now? Perhaps it's this way for perf?
  • head/tail/init/last - are these the conventions?
    • they are haskellisms, not exacly clear, particularly 'init'
  • tailn/initn - useful enough? easy to just use slice
  • unsafe_ref - is this the right name?
    • compare to safe 'get'
  • bsearch - rename binary_search?
    • should return a custom enum that tells where to insert on failure
  • get but no set?
  • shift_ref, pop_ref
    • what these are doing looks kind of scary
    • they mutate the slice, in a trait called ImmutableVector
    • can't be supported on Vec because the vec would leak the popped elt
    • limited use case, used in ringbuf iters, presumably for perf
    • shift_ref has the wrong name. should be 'pop_front_ref'
  • split functions are totally different from those on Str
    • check for consistency with string slice


  • Rename ImmutableSlice - unstable
  • split_at - unstable
  • get - unstable (index type may change?)
  • head/tail/init/last - experimental? (maybe rename 'init'?)
  • tailn/initn - experimintal?
  • unsafe_ref - rename 'unsafe_get', unstable
  • as_ptr - unstable
  • shift_ref, pop_ref - deprecate or delete
  • slice, slice_from, slice_to - unstable
  • iter - unstable (iterator name may change, &self)
  • split - unstable (iterator name may change, &self)
  • splitn, rsplitn - unstable
  • windows, chunks - unstable (iterator ")
  • bsearch - rename 'binary_search', unstable (") return location on failure (custom enum)
  • impl for slices unstable (slice type will change with DST)
  • deprecate tailn/initn (same as slice_from/to)

Resolutions: do above


  • 'mut' placement is all over. should be last everywhere
  • get_mut, as_slice_mut, slice_mut, slice_from_mut, etc.
  • defines as_mut_slice, but as_slice gets its own trait (Vector)
  • most functions take by-val self, whereas some of ImmutableVectors took &self. Why?
    • can we fix the signatures now and suffer the indirection?
    • mut_shift_ref/mut_pop_ref take &mut self
  • mut_shift_ref/mut_pop_ref have same problems as ImmutableVector
  • unsafe_mut_ref -> unsafe_get_mut?
  • unsafe_get_mut vs unsafe_set. strange incongruence. unsafe_get is on a diff trait
  • init_elem - strange name compare to unsafe_set.
    • compare to mem::uninitialized. mem::forget
  • copy_memory - potentially very misleading name.
    • implemented as copy_nonoverlapping_memory
    • is it possible to pass overlapping memory to this function?
    • if not, we should not mention it in the docs
  • missing mutable equivs for
    • splitn, rsplitn, windows
    • head/tail/init/initn/tailn. we've got 'mut_last'!
    • as_ptr_mut
    • binary_search_mut


  • all self-passing may change to by-ref
  • Rename MutableVector to MutableSlice. unstable (region param may go away)
  • Fix mut placement
  • get_mut - unstable
  • as_mut_slice - rename, experimental (may move to a diff trait)
  • mut_slice, mut_slice_from, mut_slice_to - rename. unstable
  • mut_last - rename. unstable
  • swap - unstable
  • mut_split_at - unstable
  • reverse - unstable
  • unsafe_mut_ref -> unsafe_get_mut. unstable
  • unsafe_set -> unstable
  • init_elem -> rename unsafe_set_uninitialized. unstable
  • as_mut_ptr -> rename. unstable
  • mut_iter, mut_chunks - rename. unstable
  • copy_memory - fix docs or rename to copy_nonoverlapping_memory. unstable
  • mut_pop_ref/mut_shift_ref - deprecate or delete
  • impl for slices unstable (slice type will change with DST)
  • add mutable head/tail/init/initn/tailn fns. unstable



  • Only contains as_slice. Why not on ImmutableVector?
    • that something can be converted to a slice doesn't mean something behaves like a slice
  • Option implements Vector
  • str::Str also declares as_slice with &str retval
    • String implements Str::as_slice
  • would be better to have distinct names for byte slices and string slices
  • MutableVector defines as_mut_slice along with lots of other stuff!


  • bsearch_elem - similar fate to bsearch
    • _elem convention still good?


  • Requires PartialEq - is that the right bound?
  • ImmutablePartialEqVector? yes
  • position_elem, rposition_elem - unstable
  • contains - unstable
  • starts_with, ends_with - unstable


  • diff nameing. ImmutableEqVector vs MutableCloneableVector
  • Rename MutableCloneSlice
  • copy_from
  • compare to copy_memory, others?


  • MutableCloneSlice
  • clone_from_slice experimental

raw module and bytes module

  • not big enough to deserve modules. can we reorg?


  • impl Default for &[T] has an odd implementation
    • it's returning a pointer to a new empty slice
    • i'm surprised that even works
  • ref_slice and mut_ref_slice
    • do we like this trick?
    • do we like them as free functions?
    • in this module?


  • call ref_slice, etc. unstable fix name
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