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Document w/ collections of links to discussion on misc topics

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# Zulip topic "collections", 1st half of Nov.

## Reconsidering `"C unwind"`

This is by far the most important and most discussed topic from this period.

* [First HackMD summary & conversation](
* [More followup to first HackMD](
* [`extern "C"` introduces an "accidental" `noexcept` feature](
* [On whether FFI should ever change semantic behavior of callee](

## Recommending immediate action to lang team on the existing soundness bug w/ `noexcept` in non-`unsafe` code

[three approaches; link to GitHub PR; discussion](

## Catching foreign exceptions

[`catch_unwind` won't allow valid *access* to exception objects from user code](

## Measurements of binary-size impact

* [Some data](
* [A branch to measure impact of safeguards for `panic = abort`](

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