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Asserts are too expensive for release builds and mess up inlining. There must be a way to turn them off. I propose macros debug_assert! and assert!. For test cases, assert! should be used.


Asserts are too expensive in release builds.

Detailed design

There should be two macros, debug_assert!(EXPR) and assert!(EXPR). In debug builds (without --cfg ndebug), debug_assert!() is the same as assert!(). In release builds (with --cfg ndebug), debug_assert!() compiles away to nothing. The definition of assert!() is if (!EXPR) { fail!("assertion failed ({}, {}): {}", file!(), line!(), stringify!(expr) }


Other designs that have been considered are using debug_assert! in test cases and not providing assert!, but this doesn't work with separate compilation.

The impact of not doing this is that assert! will be expensive, prompting people will write their own local debug_assert! macros, duplicating functionality that should have been in the standard library.

Unresolved questions


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