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Input C/C++ Header

// Insert your minimal C or C++ header here.
// It should *NOT* have any `#include`s! Not all systems have the same header
// files, and therefore any `#include` harms reproducibility. Additionally,
// the test case isn't minimal since the included file almost assuredly
// contains things that aren't necessary to reproduce the bug, and makes
// tracking it down much more difficult.
// Use the `--dump-preprocessed-input` flag or the
// `bindgen::Builder::dump_preprocessed_input` method to make your test case
// standalone and without `#include`s, and then use C-Reduce to minimize it:

Bindgen Invocation



$ bindgen input.h --whatever --flags

Actual Results

Insert panic message and backtrace (set the `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` env var) here.


// Insert the (incorrect/buggy) generated bindings here


Insert compilation errors generated when compiling the bindings with rustc here

Expected Results