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Archived repository!

This repository was the home of some of the most important services hosted by the Rust Infrastructure Team, but over time those services were moved to new homes:

Rust Central Station

Or otherwise just another name for the old buildmaster.

This repo is hooked up to an automated docker build

On the destination machine you can run it as:


Services currently provided are:

  • cancelbot for rust-lang/rust
  • cancelbot for rust-lang/cargo
  • homu
  • nginx in front of homu
  • ssl via letsencrypt

Future services

  • signing Rust releases


This is intended to be run as a container on the destination server, so the container here specifies everything about what's being run.

  • Secrets are stored in secrets.toml next to secrets.toml.example and are shared with the container.
  • Programs are provided in the container (tq and rbars) which will read the TOML configuration for use in shell scripts.
  • Everything pipes output to logger to collect output
  • Services are just run as simple daemons, not a lot of management.