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There are a variety of ways to display Rust compiler messages. See Settings for more details about how to configure settings.

Inline Phantoms vs Output Panel

The show_errors_inline setting controls whether or not errors are shown inline with the code using Sublime's "phantoms". If it is true, it will also display an abbreviated message in the output panel. If it is false, messages will only be displayed in the output panel, using rustc's formatting.



Popup Phantom Style

Phantoms can be displayed inline with the code, or as a popup when the mouse hovers over an error (either the gutter icon or the error outline). The rust_phantom_style setting controls this behavior.


Value Description
normal Phantoms are displayed inline.
popup Phantoms are displayed when the mouse hovers over an error.
none Phantoms are not displayed.

Popup Command

You can bind the rust_message_popup command to a keyboard shortcut to force a popup to open if there is a message under the cursor. Example:

{"keys": ["f8"], "command": "rust_message_popup", "context":
        {"key": "selector", "operator":"equal", "operand": "source.rust"}

Phantom Themes

The style of the phantom messages is controlled with the rust_message_theme setting. Currently the following themes are available:



Clear Theme Colors

The clear theme is designed to integrate with your chosen Color Scheme. You can customize the colors of the messages with the following settings.

Setting Default Description
rust_syntax_error_color "var(--redish)" Color of error messages.
rust_syntax_warning_color "var(--yellowish)" Color of warning messages.
rust_syntax_note_color "var(--greenish)" Color of note messages.
rust_syntax_help_color "var(--bluish)" Color of help messages.

Region Highlighting

The span of code for a compiler message is by default highlighted with an outline.


Value Example Description
outline Regions are highlighted with an outline.
solid_underline Solid underline.
stippled_underline Stippled underline.
squiggly_underline Squiggly underline.
none Regions are not highlighted.

Gutter Images

The gutter (beside the line numbers) will include an icon indicating the level of the message. The styling of these icons is controlled with rust_gutter_style.


Value Description
none Do not display icons.

Other Settings

A few other settings are available for controlling messages:

Setting Default Description
show_panel_on_build true If true, an output panel is displayed at the bottom of the window showing the compiler output.
rust_syntax_hide_warnings false If true, will not display warning messages.
rust_message_status_bar false If true, will display the message under the cursor in the window status bar.
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