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Dataset of Rust source code repositories
Rust Shell
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Rust repositories list

This repository contains a list of all the public GitHub repos with source code written in the Rust programming language. This repositories contains both the source code for the scraper and the scraped list.

Everything in this repository, unless otherwise specified, is released under the MIT license.

Running the scraper

To run the scraper, execute the program with the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable (containing a valid GitHub API token -- no permissions are required) and the data directory as the first argument:

$ GITHUB_TOKEN=foobar cargo run --release -- data

The scraper automatically saves its state to disk, so it can be interrupted and it will resume where it left. This also allows incremental updates of the list.

Using the data

The data is available in the data/github.csv file, in CSV format. That file contains the GitHub GraphQL ID of the repository, its name, and whether it contains a Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock.

All the repositories contained in the dataset are marked as using the language by GitHub. Some results might be inaccurate for this reason.

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