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Rust on iOS

You need XCode 5.

Build Rust cross-compiler:

mkdir build_ios; cd build_ios
../configure --target=armv7-apple-ios,armv7s-apple-ios,i386-apple-ios,aarch64-apple-ios,x86_64-apple-ios

Once compilation complete you can use it.

To target device (depending on dest architecture):

rustc --target=armv7-apple-ios
rustc --target=armv7s-apple-ios
rustc --target=aarch64-apple-ios

To target simulator:

rustc --target=i386-apple-ios
rustc --target=x86_64-apple-ios

What you get

  • all Rust superpowers
  • exception handling
  • LLDB debugging

Known limitations

  • segmented stack is disabled that means no stack protection available


  • Sample of using Rust from Objective C + Makefile for simultaneous compiling for both device and simulator (all architectures)