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import option;
enum mode { mode_compile_fail, mode_run_fail, mode_run_pass, mode_pretty, }
type config = {
// The library paths required for running the compiler
compile_lib_path: str,
// The library paths required for running compiled programs
run_lib_path: str,
// The rustc executable
rustc_path: str,
// The directory containing the tests to run
src_base: str,
// The directory where programs should be built
build_base: str,
// Directory for auxiliary libraries
aux_base: str,
// The name of the stage being built (stage1, etc)
stage_id: str,
// The test mode, compile-fail, run-fail, run-pass
mode: mode,
// Run ignored tests
run_ignored: bool,
// Only run tests that match this filter
filter: option<str>,
// Write out a parseable log of tests that were run
logfile: option<str>,
// A command line to prefix program execution with,
// for running under valgrind
runtool: option<str>,
// Flags to pass to the compiler
rustcflags: option<str>,
// Explain what's going on
verbose: bool};
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