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#include "rust_sched_launcher.h"
#include "rust_scheduler.h"
const size_t SCHED_STACK_SIZE = 1024*100;
rust_sched_launcher::rust_sched_launcher(rust_scheduler *sched, int id,
bool killed)
: kernel(sched->kernel),
sched_loop(sched, id, killed),
driver(&sched_loop) {
rust_thread_sched_launcher::rust_thread_sched_launcher(rust_scheduler *sched,
int id, bool killed)
: rust_sched_launcher(sched, id, killed),
rust_thread(SCHED_STACK_SIZE) {
rust_manual_sched_launcher::rust_manual_sched_launcher(rust_scheduler *sched,
int id, bool killed)
: rust_sched_launcher(sched, id, killed) {
rust_sched_launcher *
rust_thread_sched_launcher_factory::create(rust_scheduler *sched, int id,
bool killed) {
return new(sched->kernel, "rust_thread_sched_launcher")
rust_thread_sched_launcher(sched, id, killed);
rust_sched_launcher *
rust_manual_sched_launcher_factory::create(rust_scheduler *sched, int id,
bool killed) {
assert(launcher == NULL && "I can only track one sched_launcher");
launcher = new(sched->kernel, "rust_manual_sched_launcher")
rust_manual_sched_launcher(sched, id, killed);
return launcher;
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