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use crate::borrow_check::borrow_set::{BorrowSet, BorrowData, TwoPhaseActivation};
use crate::borrow_check::places_conflict;
use crate::borrow_check::AccessDepth;
use crate::dataflow::indexes::BorrowIndex;
use rustc::mir::{BasicBlock, Location, Body, Place, PlaceBase};
use rustc::mir::{ProjectionElem, BorrowKind};
use rustc::ty::TyCtxt;
use rustc_data_structures::graph::dominators::Dominators;
/// Returns `true` if the borrow represented by `kind` is
/// allowed to be split into separate Reservation and
/// Activation phases.
pub(super) fn allow_two_phase_borrow(kind: BorrowKind) -> bool {
/// Control for the path borrow checking code
#[derive(Copy, Clone, PartialEq, Eq, Debug)]
pub(super) enum Control {
/// Encapsulates the idea of iterating over every borrow that involves a particular path
pub(super) fn each_borrow_involving_path<'tcx, F, I, S>(
s: &mut S,
tcx: TyCtxt<'tcx>,
body: &Body<'tcx>,
_location: Location,
access_place: (AccessDepth, &Place<'tcx>),
borrow_set: &BorrowSet<'tcx>,
candidates: I,
mut op: F,
) where
F: FnMut(&mut S, BorrowIndex, &BorrowData<'tcx>) -> Control,
I: Iterator<Item = BorrowIndex>,
let (access, place) = access_place;
// FIXME: analogous code in check_loans first maps `place` to
// its base_path.
// check for loan restricting path P being used. Accounts for
// borrows of P, P.a.b, etc.
for i in candidates {
let borrowed = &borrow_set[i];
if places_conflict::borrow_conflicts_with_place(
) {
"each_borrow_involving_path: {:?} @ {:?} vs. {:?}/{:?}",
i, borrowed, place, access
let ctrl = op(s, i, borrowed);
if ctrl == Control::Break {
pub(super) fn is_active<'tcx>(
dominators: &Dominators<BasicBlock>,
borrow_data: &BorrowData<'tcx>,
location: Location
) -> bool {
debug!("is_active(borrow_data={:?}, location={:?})", borrow_data, location);
let activation_location = match borrow_data.activation_location {
// If this is not a 2-phase borrow, it is always active.
TwoPhaseActivation::NotTwoPhase => return true,
// And if the unique 2-phase use is not an activation, then it is *never* active.
TwoPhaseActivation::NotActivated => return false,
// Otherwise, we derive info from the activation point `loc`:
TwoPhaseActivation::ActivatedAt(loc) => loc,
// Otherwise, it is active for every location *except* in between
// the reservation and the activation:
// X
// /
// R <--+ Except for this
// / \ | diamond
// \ / |
// A <------+
// |
// Z
// Note that we assume that:
// - the reservation R dominates the activation A
// - the activation A post-dominates the reservation R (ignoring unwinding edges).
// This means that there can't be an edge that leaves A and
// comes back into that diamond unless it passes through R.
// Suboptimal: In some cases, this code walks the dominator
// tree twice when it only has to be walked once. I am
// lazy. -nmatsakis
// If dominated by the activation A, then it is active. The
// activation occurs upon entering the point A, so this is
// also true if location == activation_location.
if activation_location.dominates(location, dominators) {
return true;
// The reservation starts *on exiting* the reservation block,
// so check if the location is dominated by R.successor. If so,
// this point falls in between the reservation and location.
let reserve_location = borrow_data.reserve_location.successor_within_block();
if reserve_location.dominates(location, dominators) {
} else {
// Otherwise, this point is outside the diamond, so
// consider the borrow active. This could happen for
// example if the borrow remains active around a loop (in
// which case it would be active also for the point R,
// which would generate an error).
/// Determines if a given borrow is borrowing local data
/// This is called for all Yield statements on movable generators
pub(super) fn borrow_of_local_data(place: &Place<'_>) -> bool {
place.iterate(|place_base, place_projection| {
match place_base {
PlaceBase::Static(..) => return false,
PlaceBase::Local(..) => {},
for proj in place_projection {
// Reborrow of already borrowed data is ignored
// Any errors will be caught on the initial borrow
if proj.elem == ProjectionElem::Deref {
return false;
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