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use crate::spec::{LinkerFlavor, Target, TargetOptions, TargetResult, PanicStrategy};
pub fn target() -> TargetResult {
let mut base = super::windows_msvc_base::opts();
// Prevent error LNK2013: BRANCH24(T) fixup overflow
// The LBR optimization tries to eliminate branch islands,
// but if the displacement is larger than can fit
// in the instruction, this error will occur. The linker
// should be smart enough to insert branch islands only
// where necessary, but this is not the observed behavior.
// Disabling the LBR optimization works around the issue.
// FIXME(jordanrh): use PanicStrategy::Unwind when SEH is
// implemented for windows/arm in LLVM
base.panic_strategy = PanicStrategy::Abort;
Ok(Target {
llvm_target: "thumbv7a-pc-windows-msvc".to_string(),
target_endian: "little".to_string(),
target_pointer_width: "32".to_string(),
target_c_int_width: "32".to_string(),
data_layout: "e-m:w-p:32:32-Fi8-i64:64-v128:64:128-a:0:32-n32-S64".to_string(),
arch: "arm".to_string(),
target_os: "windows".to_string(),
target_env: "msvc".to_string(),
target_vendor: "pc".to_string(),
linker_flavor: LinkerFlavor::Msvc,
options: TargetOptions {
features: "+vfp3,+neon".to_string(),
cpu: "generic".to_string(),
max_atomic_width: Some(64),
abi_blacklist: super::arm_base::abi_blacklist(),
.. base
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