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//! Runtime services
//! The `rt` module provides a narrow set of runtime services,
//! including the global heap (exported in `heap`) and unwinding and
//! backtrace support. The APIs in this module are highly unstable,
//! and should be considered as private implementation details for the
//! time being.
#![unstable(feature = "rt",
reason = "this public module should not exist and is highly likely \
to disappear",
issue = "0")]
// Re-export some of our utilities which are expected by other crates.
pub use crate::panicking::{begin_panic, begin_panic_fmt, update_panic_count};
// To reduce the generated code of the new `lang_start`, this function is doing
// the real work.
fn lang_start_internal(main: &(dyn Fn() -> i32 + Sync + crate::panic::RefUnwindSafe),
argc: isize, argv: *const *const u8) -> isize {
use crate::panic;
use crate::sys;
use crate::sys_common;
use crate::sys_common::thread_info;
use crate::thread::Thread;
unsafe {
let main_guard = sys::thread::guard::init();
// Next, set up the current Thread with the guard information we just
// created. Note that this isn't necessary in general for new threads,
// but we just do this to name the main thread and to give it correct
// info about the stack bounds.
let thread = Thread::new(Some("main".to_owned()));
thread_info::set(main_guard, thread);
// Store our args if necessary in a squirreled away location
sys::args::init(argc, argv);
// Let's run some code!
#[cfg(feature = "backtrace")]
let exit_code = panic::catch_unwind(|| {
sys_common::backtrace::__rust_begin_short_backtrace(move || main())
#[cfg(not(feature = "backtrace"))]
let exit_code = panic::catch_unwind(move || main());
exit_code.unwrap_or(101) as isize
#[lang = "start"]
fn lang_start<T: crate::process::Termination + 'static>
(main: fn() -> T, argc: isize, argv: *const *const u8) -> isize
lang_start_internal(&move || main().report(), argc, argv)
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