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// This test documents that `type Out = Box<dyn Bar<Assoc: Copy>>;`
// is allowed and will correctly reject an opaque `type Out` which
// does not satisfy the bound `<TheType as Bar>::Assoc: Copy`.
// FIXME(rust-lang/lang): I think this behavior is logical if we want to allow
// `dyn Trait<Assoc: Bound>` but we should decide if we want that. // Centril
// Additionally, as reported in,
// we check that the spans for the error message are sane here.
fn main() {}
trait Bar { type Assoc; }
trait Thing {
type Out;
fn func() -> Self::Out;
struct AssocNoCopy;
impl Bar for AssocNoCopy { type Assoc = String; }
impl Thing for AssocNoCopy {
type Out = Box<dyn Bar<Assoc: Copy>>;
//~^ ERROR the trait bound `std::string::String: std::marker::Copy` is not satisfied
fn func() -> Self::Out {
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