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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// rust-lang/rust#55552: The strategy pnkfelix landed in PR #55274
// (for ensuring that NLL respects user-provided lifetime annotations)
// did not handle the case where the ascribed type has some expliit
// wildcards (`_`) mixed in, and it caused an internal compiler error
// (ICE).
// This test is just checking that we do not ICE when such things
// occur.
struct X;
struct Y;
struct Z;
struct Pair { x: X, y: Y }
pub fn join<A, B, RA, RB>(oper_a: A, oper_b: B) -> (RA, RB)
where A: FnOnce() -> RA + Send,
B: FnOnce() -> RB + Send,
RA: Send,
RB: Send
(oper_a(), oper_b())
fn main() {
let ((_x, _y), _z): (_, Z) = join(|| (X, Y), || Z);
let (Pair { x: _x, y: _y }, Z): (_, Z) = join(|| Pair { x: X, y: Y }, || Z);
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