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// edition:2018
// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// revisions: migrate mir
//[mir]compile-flags: -Z borrowck=mir
trait Trait<'a, 'b> { }
impl<T> Trait<'_, '_> for T { }
// Test case where we have elision in the impl trait and we have to
// pick the right region.
// Ultimately `Trait<'x, 'static>`.
fn upper_bounds1(a: &u8) -> impl Trait<'_, 'static> {
(a, a)
// Ultimately `Trait<'x, 'x>`, so not really multiple bounds.
fn upper_bounds2(a: &u8) -> impl Trait<'_, '_> {
(a, a)
// Kind of a weird annoying case.
fn upper_bounds3<'b>(a: &u8) -> impl Trait<'_, 'b> {
(a, a)
fn main() { }
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