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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// Regression test for issue #27583. Unclear how useful this will be
// going forward, since the issue in question was EXTREMELY sensitive
// to compiler internals (like the precise numbering of nodes), but
// what the hey.
use std::cell::Cell;
use std::marker::PhantomData;
pub trait Delegate<'tcx> { }
pub struct InferCtxt<'a, 'tcx: 'a> {
x: PhantomData<&'a Cell<&'tcx ()>>
pub struct MemCategorizationContext<'t, 'a: 't, 'tcx : 'a> {
x: &'t InferCtxt<'a, 'tcx>,
pub struct ExprUseVisitor<'d, 't, 'a: 't, 'tcx:'a+'d> {
typer: &'t InferCtxt<'a, 'tcx>,
mc: MemCategorizationContext<'t, 'a, 'tcx>,
delegate: &'d mut (Delegate<'tcx>+'d),
impl<'d,'t,'a,'tcx> ExprUseVisitor<'d,'t,'a,'tcx> {
pub fn new(delegate: &'d mut Delegate<'tcx>,
typer: &'t InferCtxt<'a, 'tcx>)
-> ExprUseVisitor<'d,'t,'a,'tcx>
ExprUseVisitor {
typer: typer,
mc: MemCategorizationContext::new(typer),
delegate: delegate,
impl<'t, 'a,'tcx> MemCategorizationContext<'t, 'a, 'tcx> {
pub fn new(typer: &'t InferCtxt<'a, 'tcx>) -> MemCategorizationContext<'t, 'a, 'tcx> {
MemCategorizationContext { x: typer }
fn main() { }
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