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// run-pass
// ignore-emscripten no threads
// compile-flags: -O
// Tests that the `vec!` macro does not overflow the stack when it is
// given data larger than the stack.
// FIXME(eddyb) Improve unoptimized codegen to avoid the temporary,
// and thus run successfully even when compiled at -C opt-level=0.
const LEN: usize = 1 << 15;
use std::thread::Builder;
fn main() {
assert!(Builder::new().stack_size(LEN / 2).spawn(|| {
// FIXME(eddyb) this can be vec![[0: LEN]] pending
let vec = vec![unsafe { std::mem::zeroed::<[u8; LEN]>() }];
assert_eq!(vec.len(), 1);
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