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// run-pass
// ignore-emscripten FIXME(#45351)
#![feature(repr_simd, test)]
extern crate test;
pub struct Mu64(pub u64, pub u64, pub u64, pub u64);
fn main() {
// This ensures an unaligned pointer even in optimized builds, though LLVM
// gets enough type information to actually not mess things up in that case,
// but at the time of writing this, it's enough to trigger the bug in
// non-optimized builds
unsafe {
let memory = &mut [0u64; 8] as *mut _ as *mut u8;
let misaligned_ptr: &mut [u8; 32] = {
*misaligned_ptr = std::mem::transmute(Mu64(1, 1, 1, 1));
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