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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// Regression test for #37655. The problem was a false edge created by
// coercion that wound up requiring that `'a` (in `split()`) outlive
// `'b`, which shouldn't be necessary.
trait SliceExt<T> {
type Item;
fn get_me<I>(&self, index: I) -> &I::Output
where I: SliceIndex<Self::Item>;
impl<T> SliceExt<T> for [T] {
type Item = T;
fn get_me<I>(&self, index: I) -> &I::Output
where I: SliceIndex<T>
pub trait SliceIndex<T> {
type Output: ?Sized;
impl<T> SliceIndex<T> for usize {
type Output = T;
fn foo<'a, 'b>(split: &'b [&'a [u8]]) -> &'a [u8] {
fn main() { }
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