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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// Regression test for #41936. The coerce-unsized trait check in
// coherence was using subtyping, which triggered variance
// computation, which failed because it required type info for fields
// that had not (yet) been computed.
use std::{marker,ops};
// Change the array to a non-array, and error disappears
// Adding a new field to the end keeps the error
struct LogDataBuf([u8;8]);
struct Aref<T: ?Sized>
// Inner structure triggers the error, removing the inner removes the message.
ptr: Box<ArefInner<T>>,
impl<T: ?Sized + marker::Unsize<U>, U: ?Sized> ops::CoerceUnsized<Aref<U>> for Aref<T> {}
struct ArefInner<T: ?Sized>
// Even with this field commented out, the error is raised.
data: T,
fn main(){}
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