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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
pub trait Foo<'a> {
type Bar;
fn foo(&'a self) -> Self::Bar;
impl<'a, 'b, T: 'a> Foo<'a> for &'b T {
type Bar = &'a T;
fn foo(&'a self) -> &'a T {
pub fn uncallable<T, F>(x: T, f: F)
where T: for<'a> Foo<'a>,
F: for<'a> Fn(<T as Foo<'a>>::Bar)
pub fn catalyst(x: &i32) {
broken(x, |_| {})
pub fn broken<F: Fn(&i32)>(x: &i32, f: F) {
uncallable(x, |y| f(y));
fn main() { }
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