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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
#![allow(dead_code, unused_variables)]
// Issue #21633: reject duplicate loop labels in function bodies.
// Test rejection of lifetimes in *expressions* that shadow loop labels.
fn foo() {
// Reusing lifetime `'a` in function item is okay.
fn foo<'a>(x: &'a i8) -> i8 { *x }
// So is reusing `'a` in struct item
struct S1<'a> { x: &'a i8 } impl<'a> S1<'a> { fn m(&self) {} }
// and a method item
struct S2; impl S2 { fn m<'a>(&self) {} }
let z = 3_i8;
'a: loop {
let b = Box::new(|x: &i8| *x) as Box<dyn for <'a> Fn(&'a i8) -> i8>;
//~^ WARN lifetime name `'a` shadows a label name that is already in scope
assert_eq!((*b)(&z), z);
break 'a;
pub fn main() {
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