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// run-pass
// Test that we handle projection types which wind up important for
// resolving methods. This test was reduced from a larger example; the
// call to `foo()` at the end was failing to resolve because the
// winnowing stage of method resolution failed to handle an associated
// type projection.
// pretty-expanded FIXME #23616
trait Hasher {
type Output;
fn finish(&self) -> Self::Output;
trait Hash<H: Hasher> {
fn hash(&self, h: &mut H);
trait HashState {
type Wut: Hasher;
fn hasher(&self) -> Self::Wut;
struct SipHasher;
impl Hasher for SipHasher {
type Output = u64;
fn finish(&self) -> u64 { 4 }
impl Hash<SipHasher> for isize {
fn hash(&self, h: &mut SipHasher) {}
struct SipState;
impl HashState for SipState {
type Wut = SipHasher;
fn hasher(&self) -> SipHasher { SipHasher }
struct Map<S> {
s: S,
impl<S> Map<S>
where S: HashState,
<S as HashState>::Wut: Hasher<Output=u64>,
fn foo<K>(&self, k: K) where K: Hash< <S as HashState>::Wut> {}
fn foo<K: Hash<SipHasher>>(map: &Map<SipState>) {;
fn main() {}
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