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// Test an interesting corner case that ought to be legal (though the
// current code actually gets it wrong, see below): a fn that takes
// two arguments that are references with the same lifetime is in fact
// equivalent to a fn that takes two references with distinct
// lifetimes. This is true because the two functions can call one
// another -- effectively, the single lifetime `'a` is just inferred
// to be the intersection of the two distinct lifetimes.
// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// compile-flags:-Zno-leak-check
use std::cell::Cell;
fn make_cell_aa() -> Cell<for<'a> fn(&'a u32, &'a u32)> {
fn aa_eq_ab() {
let a: Cell<for<'a, 'b> fn(&'a u32, &'b u32)> = make_cell_aa();
fn main() { }
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