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// run-pass
// Issue #2263.
// Here, `f` is a function that takes a pointer `x` and a function
// `g`, where `g` requires its argument `y` to be in the same region
// that `x` is in.
// pretty-expanded FIXME #23616
fn has_same_region(f: Box<dyn for<'a> FnMut(&'a isize, Box<dyn FnMut(&'a isize)>)>) {
// `f` should be the type that `wants_same_region` wants, but
// right now the compiler complains that it isn't.
fn wants_same_region(_f: Box<dyn for<'b> FnMut(&'b isize, Box<dyn FnMut(&'b isize)>)>) {
pub fn main() {
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