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// run-pass
// This is an example where the older inference algorithm failed. The
// specifics of why it failed are somewhat, but not entirely, tailed
// to the algorithm. Ultimately the problem is that when computing the
// mutual supertype of both sides of the `if` it would be faced with a
// choice of tightening bounds or unifying variables and it took the
// wrong path. The new algorithm avoids this problem and hence this
// example typechecks correctly.
// pretty-expanded FIXME #23616
enum ScopeChain<'a> {
type Scope<'a> = &'a ScopeChain<'a>;
struct OuterContext;
struct Context<'a> {
foo: &'a OuterContext
impl<'a> Context<'a> {
fn foo(&mut self, scope: Scope) {
let link = if 1 < 2 {
let l = ScopeChain::Link(scope);
} else {
fn take_scope(&mut self, x: Scope) {
fn main() { }
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