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//FIXME(#44265): The lifetime shadowing and type parameter shadowing
// should cause an error. Now it compiles (erroneously) and this will be addressed
// by a future PR. Then remove the following:
// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
trait Shadow<'a> {
type Bar<'a>; // Error: shadowed lifetime
trait NoShadow<'a> {
type Bar<'b>; // OK
impl<'a> NoShadow<'a> for &'a u32 {
type Bar<'a> = i32; // Error: shadowed lifetime
trait ShadowT<T> {
type Bar<T>; // Error: shadowed type parameter
trait NoShadowT<T> {
type Bar<U>; // OK
impl<T> NoShadowT<T> for Option<T> {
type Bar<T> = i32; // Error: shadowed type parameter
fn main() {}
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