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// run-pass
// Test an issue where global caching was causing free regions from
// distinct scopes to be compared (`'g` and `'h`). The only important
// thing is that compilation succeeds here.
// pretty-expanded FIXME #23616
use std::borrow::ToOwned;
pub struct CFGNode;
pub type Node<'a> = &'a CFGNode;
pub trait GraphWalk<'c, N> {
/// Returns all the nodes in this graph.
fn nodes(&'c self) where [N]:ToOwned<Owned=Vec<N>>;
impl<'g> GraphWalk<'g, Node<'g>> for u32
fn nodes(&'g self) where [Node<'g>]:ToOwned<Owned=Vec<Node<'g>>>
{ loop { } }
impl<'h> GraphWalk<'h, Node<'h>> for u64
fn nodes(&'h self) where [Node<'h>]:ToOwned<Owned=Vec<Node<'h>>>
{ loop { } }
fn main() { }
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