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use std::fmt::Debug;
fn main() {}
type Two<T, U> = impl Debug;
fn two<T: Debug>(t: T) -> Two<T, u32> {
//~^ ERROR defining opaque type use does not fully define opaque type
(t, 4i8)
fn three<T: Debug, U>(t: T) -> Two<T, U> {
(t, 5i8)
trait Bar {
type Blub: Debug;
const FOO: Self::Blub;
impl Bar for u32 {
type Blub = i32;
const FOO: i32 = 42;
// this should work! But it requires `two` and `three` not to be defining uses,
// just restricting uses
fn four<T: Debug, U: Bar>(t: T) -> Two<T, U> { //~ concrete type differs from previous
(t, <U as Bar>::FOO)
fn is_sync<T: Sync>() {}
fn asdfl() {
//FIXME(oli-obk): these currently cause cycle errors
//is_sync::<Two<i32, u32>>();
//is_sync::<Two<i32, *const i32>>();
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