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// build-pass (FIXME(62277): could be check-pass?)
// `std::ops::Index` has an `: ?Sized` bound on the `Idx` type param. This is
// an accidental left-over from the times when it `Index` was by-reference.
// Tightening the bound now could be a breaking change. Although no crater
// regression were observed (,
// let's be conservative and just add a test for this.
use std::ops;
pub struct A;
impl ops::Index<str> for A {
type Output = ();
fn index(&self, _: str) -> &Self::Output { panic!() }
impl ops::IndexMut<str> for A {
fn index_mut(&mut self, _: str) -> &mut Self::Output { panic!() }
fn main() {}
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