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This is preliminary version of the Rust compiler, libraries and tools
Source layout:
rustc/ The self-hosted compiler
libcore/ The core library (imported and linked by default)
libstd/ The standard library (slightly more peripheral code)
libsyntax/ The Rust parser and pretty-printer
rt/ The runtime system
rt/rust_*.cpp - The majority of the runtime services
rt/isaac - The PRNG used for pseudo-random choices in the runtime
rt/bigint - The bigint library used for the 'big' type
rt/uthash - Small hashtable-and-list library for C, used in runtime
rt/sync - Concurrency utils
rt/util - Small utility classes for the runtime.
rt/vg - Valgrind headers
rt/msvc - MSVC support
test/ Testsuite
test/compile-fail - Tests that should fail to compile
test/run-fail - Tests that should compile, run and fail
test/run-pass - Tests that should compile, run and succeed
test/bench - Benchmarks and miscellanea
test/pretty - Pretty-printer tests
test/auxiliary - Dependencies of tests
compiletest/ The test runner
cargo/ The package manager
rustdoc/ The Rust API documentation tool
llvm/ The LLVM submodule
libuv/ The libuv submodule
rustllvm/ LLVM support code
fuzzer/ A collection of fuzz testers
etc/ Scripts, editor support, misc
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