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Call clang and llvm-objdump with correct library path

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Mark-Simulacrum committed Mar 3, 2019
1 parent 2870015 commit 04679431a249570bb2ca6d5813ebb37db76cc9db
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  1. +6 −6 src/test/run-make-fulldeps/cross-lang-lto-clang/Makefile
@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ all: cpp-executable rust-executable

$(RUSTC) -Clinker-plugin-lto=on -o $(TMPDIR)/librustlib-xlto.a -Copt-level=2 -Ccodegen-units=1 ./
$(CLANG) -flto=thin -fuse-ld=lld -L $(TMPDIR) -lrustlib-xlto -o $(TMPDIR)/cmain ./cmain.c -O3
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) $(CLANG) -flto=thin -fuse-ld=lld -L $(TMPDIR) -lrustlib-xlto -o $(TMPDIR)/cmain ./cmain.c -O3
# Make sure we don't find a call instruction to the function we expect to
# always be inlined.
llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*rust_always_inlined"
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*rust_always_inlined"
# As a sanity check, make sure we do find a call instruction to a
# non-inlined function
llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*rust_never_inlined"
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*rust_never_inlined"

$(CLANG) ./clib.c -flto=thin -c -o $(TMPDIR)/clib.o -O2
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) $(CLANG) ./clib.c -flto=thin -c -o $(TMPDIR)/clib.o -O2
(cd $(TMPDIR); $(AR) crus ./libxyz.a ./clib.o)
$(RUSTC) -Clinker-plugin-lto=on -L$(TMPDIR) -Copt-level=2 -Clinker=$(CLANG) -Clink-arg=-fuse-ld=lld ./ -o $(TMPDIR)/rsmain
llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*c_never_inlined"
llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*c_always_inlined"
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*c_never_inlined"
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*c_always_inlined"

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