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rename EvalSnapshot -> InterpSnapshot

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RalfJung committed Jun 7, 2019
1 parent 8f05ff3 commit 059e7c0c80413b9913eed143b4152821d8f46340
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  1. +12 −12 src/librustc_mir/interpret/
@@ -29,18 +29,18 @@ use crate::const_eval::CompileTimeInterpreter;

pub(crate) struct InfiniteLoopDetector<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> {
/// The set of all `EvalSnapshot` *hashes* observed by this detector.
/// The set of all `InterpSnapshot` *hashes* observed by this detector.
/// When a collision occurs in this table, we store the full snapshot in
/// `snapshots`.
hashes: FxHashSet<u64>,

/// The set of all `EvalSnapshot`s observed by this detector.
/// The set of all `InterpSnapshot`s observed by this detector.
/// An `EvalSnapshot` will only be fully cloned once it has caused a
/// An `InterpSnapshot` will only be fully cloned once it has caused a
/// collision in `hashes`. As a result, the detector must observe at least
/// *two* full cycles of an infinite loop before it triggers.
snapshots: FxHashSet<EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>>,
snapshots: FxHashSet<InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>>,

impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> InfiniteLoopDetector<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> InfiniteLoopDetector<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
// We need to make a full copy. NOW things that to get really expensive.
info!("snapshotting the state of the interpreter");

if self.snapshots.insert(EvalSnapshot::new(memory, stack)) {
if self.snapshots.insert(InterpSnapshot::new(memory, stack)) {
// Spurious collision or first cycle
return Ok(())
@@ -384,18 +384,18 @@ impl<'a, 'b, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a+'mir> SnapshotContext<'b>
/// The virtual machine state during const-evaluation at a given point in time.
/// We assume the `CompileTimeInterpreter` has no interesting extra state that
/// is worth considering here.
struct EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> {
struct InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> {
memory: Memory<'a, 'mir, 'tcx, CompileTimeInterpreter<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>>,
stack: Vec<Frame<'mir, 'tcx>>,

impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
fn new(
memory: &Memory<'a, 'mir, 'tcx, CompileTimeInterpreter<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>>,
stack: &[Frame<'mir, 'tcx>]
) -> Self {
EvalSnapshot {
InterpSnapshot {
memory: memory.clone(),
stack: stack.into(),
@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx: 'a + 'mir> EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>


impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> Hash for EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> Hash for InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
fn hash<H: Hasher>(&self, state: &mut H) {
// Implement in terms of hash stable, so that k1 == k2 -> hash(k1) == hash(k2)
@@ -422,16 +422,16 @@ impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> Hash for EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>

impl_stable_hash_for!(impl<'tcx, 'b, 'mir> for struct EvalSnapshot<'b, 'mir, 'tcx> {
impl_stable_hash_for!(impl<'tcx, 'b, 'mir> for struct InterpSnapshot<'b, 'mir, 'tcx> {
// Not hashing memory: Avoid hashing memory all the time during execution
memory -> _,

impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> Eq for EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> Eq for InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>

impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> PartialEq for EvalSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
impl<'a, 'mir, 'tcx> PartialEq for InterpSnapshot<'a, 'mir, 'tcx>
fn eq(&self, other: &Self) -> bool {
// FIXME: This looks to be a *ridiculously expensive* comparison operation.

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