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A _type alias_ defines a new name for an existing [type](#types). Type
aliases are declared with the keyword `type`. Every value has a single,
specific type; the type-specified aspects of a value include:

* Whether the value is composed of sub-values or is indivisible.
* Whether the value represents textual or numerical information.
* Whether the value represents integral or floating-point information.
* The sequence of memory operations required to access the value.
* The [kind](#type-kinds) of the type.

For example, the type `(u8, u8)` defines the set of immutable values that are
composite pairs, each containing two unsigned 8-bit integers accessed by
pattern-matching and laid out in memory with the `x` component preceding the
`y` component:
specific type, but may implement several different traits, or be compatible with
several different type constraints.

For example, the following defines the type `Point` as a synonym for the type
`(u8, u8)`, the type of pairs of unsigned 8 bit integers.:

type Point = (u8, u8);

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