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libcollections: btree/set: fix a typo

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1 parent 2d0baa7 commit 2ac4fe12f3f232cd3ca8b33eb3f14bed4ca8510b @istankovic istankovic committed on GitHub Jan 16, 2017
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@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ impl<T> BTreeSet<T> {
impl<T: Ord> BTreeSet<T> {
/// Constructs a double-ended iterator over a sub-range of elements in the set.
- /// The simplest way is to use the range synax `min..max`, thus `range(min..max)` will
+ /// The simplest way is to use the range syntax `min..max`, thus `range(min..max)` will
/// yield elements from min (inclusive) to max (exclusive).
/// The range may also be entered as `(Bound<T>, Bound<T>)`, so for example
/// `range((Excluded(4), Included(10)))` will yield a left-exclusive, right-inclusive

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