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I'm wary of editing the offical-looking things like the contribution policy, but I hope fixing typos/the sentence structure is okay.
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ You're not off the hook even if you just stick to documentation; code examples i
Pull requests will be treated as "review requests",
and we will give feedback we expect to see corrected on [style]( and substance before pulling.
Changes contributed via pull request should focus on a single issue at a time, like any other.
-We will not look accept pull-requests that try to "sneak" unrelated changes in.
+We will not accept pull-requests that try to "sneak" unrelated changes in.
Normally, all pull requests must include regression tests (see [Note-testsuite]( that test your change.
Occasionally, a change will be very difficult to test for.

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