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Add long error explanation for E0561

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GuillaumeGomez committed Oct 4, 2019
1 parent 4ac4809 commit 4bf7eea8971f08789a53346e3aecefd8e3193d4f
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@@ -286,6 +286,34 @@ fn main() {

E0561: r##"
A non-ident or non-wildcard pattern has been used as a parameter of a function
pointer type.
Erroneous code example:
type A1 = fn(mut param: u8); // error!
type A2 = fn(&param: u32); // error!
When using an alias over a function type, you cannot e.g. denote a parameter as
being mutable.
To fix the issue, remove patterns (`_` is allowed though). Example:
type A1 = fn(param: u8); // ok!
type A2 = fn(_: u32); // ok!
You can also omit the parameter name:
type A3 = fn(i16); // ok!

E0571: r##"
A `break` statement with an argument appeared in a non-`loop` loop.
@@ -503,7 +531,6 @@ Switch to the Rust 2018 edition to use `async fn`.
E0226, // only a single explicit lifetime bound is permitted
E0472, // asm! is unsupported on this target
E0561, // patterns aren't allowed in function pointer types
E0567, // auto traits can not have generic parameters
E0568, // auto traits can not have super traits
E0666, // nested `impl Trait` is illegal

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