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docs: Iterator adapters have unspecified results after a panic

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Mark-Simulacrum committed Dec 23, 2019
1 parent a916ac2 commit 65e366064f222502c96d0d39102ea6cea9d4bafa
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//! Common iterator adapters include [`map`], [`take`], and [`filter`].
//! For more, see their documentation.
//! If an iterator adapter panics, the iterator will be in an unspecified (but
//! memory safe) state. This state is also not guaranteed to stay the same
//! across versions of Rust, so you should avoid relying on the exact values
//! returned by an iterator which panicked.
//! [`map`]:
//! [`take`]: trait.Iterator.html#method.take
//! [`filter`]: trait.Iterator.html#method.filter

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