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rustc: Update linker flavor inference from filename

This commit fixes what is believed to be a preexisting bug in the linker
flavor inference and additionally adds a new features. Previously if the
linker didn't end in `exe` the entire file name was compared to infer
the linker's flavor. This commit fixes the code to instead
unconditionally inspect `file_stem()` which is the relevant part we're
looking at to figure out what the linker flavor is.

Additionally this commit now also adds recognition of `clang` and clang
wrappers that end in `-clang` (which look like gcc wrappers). This
should allow clang-specific wrappers to get correctly inferred to the
`Gcc` linker flavor rather than the default linker flavor configured for
a target.
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alexcrichton committed Mar 19, 2019
1 parent 7a4df3b commit 664838582b6d973620930a2ba75f369f44debecd
Showing with 11 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +11 −8 src/librustc_codegen_ssa/back/
@@ -152,17 +152,20 @@ pub fn linker_and_flavor(sess: &Session) -> (PathBuf, LinkerFlavor) {
LinkerFlavor::PtxLinker => "rust-ptx-linker",
}), flavor)),
(Some(linker), None) => {
let stem = if linker.extension().and_then(|ext| ext.to_str()) == Some("exe") {
linker.file_stem().and_then(|stem| stem.to_str())
} else {
}.unwrap_or_else(|| {
sess.fatal("couldn't extract file stem from specified linker");
let stem = linker
.and_then(|stem| stem.to_str())
.unwrap_or_else(|| {
sess.fatal("couldn't extract file stem from specified linker")

let flavor = if stem == "emcc" {
} else if stem == "gcc" || stem.ends_with("-gcc") {
} else if stem == "gcc"
|| stem.ends_with("-gcc")
|| stem == "clang"
|| stem.ends_with("-clang")
} else if stem == "ld" || stem == "ld.lld" || stem.ends_with("-ld") {

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